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Alert: Annual Minutes Disclosure Solicitation

A couple of our clients have contacted us about an official-looking mailing they received.  The mailing included a form titled "2012 Annual Minutes Records Form" and indicated that a fee of $125 to $150 would need to be paid with this form.  Please note that this is a solicitation by a private company, but it reads as if the completion of this form is mandatory by Ohio law.  These types of misleading solicitations have been seen in other states and periodically have popped up in Ohio.

Click here to see the link for a prior ALERT issued by the Ohio Secretary of State's office. 

For corporations required to hold an annual meeting, we recommend that minutes of that meeting be documented by the Corporation or by its legal counsel.  There is no requirement that these minutes be submitted to a government agency.

As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call.

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